1. The control panel shall provide automatic pump operation, protection, level indication. Controller shall be a Sidesloper TM GC101 Series Pump Control Panel. Panel shall be rated [NEMA 4 Steel] [NEMA 4X Stainless Steel]. Enclosure size shall be minimum dimensions of 24” X 30” and shall include a 17” X 11” outer door viewing window which allows view of indicators. Door shall open and close using a three point latch system with stainless steel exterior handle and no perimeter clips or latches shall be required to properly close. The handle shall be equipped with a lock hasp for use with customer’s pad lock. Panel shall be capable of operating a single pump with a [____] horsepower motor operating on [single] [three] phase, [230] [460] volt service.

  1. The panel shall be equipped with a properly sized main disconnect circuit breaker (thermal magnetic permanent trip Square D type HDL) with inner door interlocked operator handle. Additional breakers shall include Motor Breaker (Square D type HDL), Control Circuit Breaker (Square D QOU), and Receptacle/Accessories Circuit Breakers (Square D type QOU) where applicable. All breakers shall be selected for the required trip characteristics of the components protected and shall be back-plate mounted. Fuses for voltage/phase monitor shall be provided.

  1. The motor starter shall be a heavy duty NEMA rated Square D 8536 with properly selected thermal overloads with alarm auxiliary contacts for overload condition.

  1. An indicating controller with digital level read out in inches to 1/10th of an inch shall be provided. Range shall be 0-138.6” and display shall be with ½” high backlit LCD digits. Controller shall be adjustable for pump and alarm set and reset points using only a screwdriver. Level and ON and Off set points require only turning a 5 position selector knob. No punch and scroll techniques shall be required to check or adjust set points. Controller shall have plug in type terminals for all input and output connections to allow simple access should replacement be required. Display shall flash during a high level condition. A plug in type auxiliary relay shall be provided for operation of the motor starter contactor to maximize life of controller pump contacts.

  1. Interior door operator controls and indicators shall include RUN light, OVERLOAD light, and PHASE LOSS/VOLTAGE FAULT light. Lights shall be 30mm transformer type with 6.3V lamps. H-O-A switch and overload reset push button shall be 30mm. An electro-mechanical elapsed run time meter to 1/10th hour shall be provided. Interior door shall allow access to all breaker resets at surface level.

  1. The unit shall include a primary power surge protection device, control circuit surge suppressor (plug-in module with indicator light), and an instrument signal surge suppressor. The level system shall be intrinsically safe using a dual barrier fused ISB. A plug-in type indicating voltage/phase monitor shall be provided to protect against phase or voltage fault conditions.

  1. A condensate heater with adjustable thermostat shall be provided.

  1. Terminal strip shall be provided for connection of level sensor and flow meter (if applicable) which shall be mounted for easy access. All components shall be labeled and all wires shall be numbered. Schematic drawing shall include wire and terminal numbers for each component.

  1. A transformer shall be provided where required or specified with a rating of 750VA. Transformer shall be properly fused and control circuit shall be equipped with a control circuit breaker.

  1. An overload reset shall be provided. Reset shall be a through the door push button with spring return.

  1. OPTION: A top mounted RED high level alarm light shall be provided in addition to the flashing level indicator display feature. Alarm light shall be [LED Flashing] [Lexan lens with 40 watt bulb with flasher] [Strobe].

  1. OPTION: A DIGITAL FLOW METER with LCD display and simultaneous display of flow rate and gallons total (to 99999999) shall be provided. Unit shall be potted into an aluminum frame housing and mounted in the interior door of the enclosure. Unit shall be a pulse input type operating a 24vdc power supply. Total shall be re-settable and may be locked for non-reset operation. A power supply rated for 24vdc 100mA minimum output shall be provided. An LED on the power supply shall provide operation indication.

  1. OPTION: A motor monitoring device which shall detect a dry run/“dead head”(undercurrent) condition shall be installed. In addition the device shall be capable of providing redundant motor protection for overload, high and low voltage, short cycle, and undercurrent. Three phase units shall also provide phase and amperage unbalance detection. Unit shall provide a digital code of any fault or status and be selectable for display of voltage or amperage for each leg and average. Display shall provide amperage or voltage. Unit shall be fully programmable for actual amperage/voltage selection using the digital display and shall be capable of programming delay periods and number of restarts after a detected fault condition. Unit shall be back-plate mounted with an interior door cut out to allow viewing and adjustment without opening panel interior door.

  1. OPTION: A REMOTE LOCK OUT circuit with indicating light shall be provided. Circuit shall include a 24vdc relay and [LOCK OUT] [TANK FULL] indicating light. Primary lock out panels additionally shall be equipped with a 24vdc power supply suitable for application.


  1. A submersible pressure transducer of stainless steel construction compatible with control panel and with a static accuracy of no more than 1% of range shall be provided. Range shall be 0-5 PSI and the unit shall provide a 4-20mA signal and be equipped with an integral surge suppressor.

  1. The transducer shall be equipped with a shielded cable suitable for the application and of continuous length with a heavy outer jacket. A strain relief/riser exit fitting shall be provided. Cable shall be equal to pump power cable length.

  1. The transducer shall be equipped with a desiccant type disposable drier tube for shipment and a permanent bellow breather located in the control panel for operation.

  1. OPTION: A flow meter sensor shall be provided. Device shall be a paddle wheel type of PVC construction with jewel bearings to resist wear and clogging. A 15’ cable shall be provided. 

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Sidesloper® pumps are designed for use in side slope riser applications or may be provided without wheels for use in vertical sump applications where cooling or lower inlet screens are required.

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