Pumps and Systems Warranty Policy

  1. Sidesloper® GunnCo packages sold as specified, and complete systems (pump, panel, and level sensor) shall be covered by a 12 month warranty. The warranty period begins upon the date of shipment and covers all components against failure to function due to workmanship, faulty construction, or materials compatibility for the application as recommended and sold and paid for within quoted terms.

  2. All Sidesloper® pumps or components not sold as a complete system are subject to a warranty period of one year from shipment date or per the manufacturer’s standard warranty, whichever expires first.

  3. Claims under the warranty can be made by obtaining a return authorization number from GunnCo during the warranty period and returning the defective component(s), freight pre-paid to GunnCo or the proper service location as directed by GunnCo. Details of the problem should be included with the returned item along with the return authorization number. The defective component must be returned within 30 days of the authorization date. The option to repair, replace, or adjust the problem component shall be that of GunnCo. Costs associated with troubleshooting, removal or replacement of components, rental equipment, rush premium charges, and freight is not included under warranty.

  4. Warranty does not cover normal wear, damage due to accident or physical damage (during shipment, installation, or storage), acts of nature (ie lightning or blown fuses and voltage monitors), misuse, abuse, improper storage, improper/defective electrical service (low/high voltage/surges), improper installation , improper selection, or improper or unauthorized service or modifications.

  5. Warranty applies only to system as operated under the conditions at the time of installation and per design parameters and conditions as specified for pumping “clean” leachate free of excessive debris, solids, and sludge. Buildup of abrasives, solids, sludge, sand, silt, and scale in pump/motor/carrier and transducer will void warranty coverage.

  6. GunnCo accepts no responsibility for damage, loss, or expenses incurred through the sale or use of its equipment. Under no condition shall GunnCo be held liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damage.

System Installation Service Warranty Policy

  1. Pump systems sold as an installed system project package are covered for a 12-month service period after installation by GunnCo or its representative. The warranty does not cover physical damage, abuse, misuse, freezing, lightning and surge damage, improper operation, or damage due to unauthorized design revisions or operating parameters. Materials failures may be subject to the original manufacturer terms and conditions of warranty.

  2. The service warranty procedure shall include confirmation of nature of problem to GunnCo and may require local electrician or site personnel to confirm scope of problem.

  3. Repairs by others should be authorized by GunnCo. No invoices or back charges will be accepted without prior approval by GunnCo. Charges should be customary and include a written description of the problem and solution. Damaged components must be returned to GunnCo for warranty consideration.

  4. When applicable, GunnCo requests site personnel replace a damaged component (such as plug-in parts) or check status lights and troubleshoot to determine nature and scope of problem.

  5. Service visits determined to be non-warranty related are subject to normal GunnCo service charges, per diem rates, and travel time charges.

Service Labor, Repairs and Components/Parts Warranty Policy

  1. Service labor is warranted for quality of provided service. Repairs by GunnCo or GunnCo representative are warranted for 90 days from original installation/service dates. Failure due to work by others, modifications, non-approval for proper repairs, temporary repairs, materials by others, abuse, misuse, acts of nature, and non-recommended parts or components may not be covered by this warranty.

  2. Parts and components are subject to original manufacturer’s warranty periods and limits and may be subject to manufacturer’s final inspection of failed item(s).

  3. GunnCo retains right to replace, repair, or refund labor and materials under the warranty where applicable.

  4. Repair warranty for shop repairs is 90 days and does not include freight, removal, installation, non-GunnCo provided components or as noted for above service warranty.

Please contact us immediately if you suspect there may be a problem or if you have any questions concerning the operation or installation of a system or component. By contacting us immediately, we can assist in determining the problem and provide the fastest possible response. 

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Sidesloper® pumps are designed for use in side slope riser applications or may be provided without wheels for use in vertical sump applications where cooling or lower inlet screens are required.

Sidesloper® pumps utilize the highest quality materials and components available for long and reliable service life.