1. QUOTATIONS - Quotations provided by GunnCo shall be good for a minimum of 30 days unless otherwise stated. All quotations are considered confidential and property of GunnCo. Quotation shall be provided by letter, facsimile, or e-mail and should be reviewed by buyer prior to order entry.

  2. CREDIT - Orders are subject to acceptance and credit approval by GunnCo. GunnCo reserves the right to request credit information via a credit reporting agency of customers requesting credit terms. Custom orders or customers with non-approved credit may be subject to pre-payment.

  3. ORDER QUANTITIES - Orders are limited to the quantities, materials, and scope per the written quotation.

  4. ORDER ENTRY - Orders should be in written form and shall reference the quotation number, price, terms of payment, and ship to address and bill to address. If a written order is not available, a signed copy of the quotation with customer signature, order number, shipping and billing information will be acceptable.

  5. ORDER CONDITION CHANGES - Order conditions contrary to the quoted conditions are subject to acceptance of the revised conditions and GunnCo reserves the right to reject the order or provide a revised proposal or terms

  6. ORDER ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - Order must be acknowledged by GunnCo to be considered accepted.

  7. ORDER CHANGES - Changes to orders are subject to charges as determined by GunnCo and will depend on the stage of production or engineering. Order changes prior to release for production are subject to charges if additional design or documentation is required.

  8. ORDER CANCELLATION - Order cancellations are subject to a minimum 10% cancellation charge. Actual cancellation charge will be determined by GunnCo depending upon stage of production and associated costs.

  9. SHIPMENT - Shipment time is quoted based upon best available information and does not include transit time. Shipment is considered the time the equipment is received by the carrier, owner, or owner's agent.

  10. PAYMENT TERMS - Payment terms are net 30 days unless otherwise stated. A charge of 2% per month shall be applied to all outstanding balances after the initial 30 day period. A change of payment term after order entry or shipment could result in a price increase or loss of any discount offered plus interest and collection fees as allowed by law on all balances. Collection expenses become responsibility of buyer if payment is not made within agreed terms.

  11. RETENTION - No retention is allowed without prior approval and acknowledgment by GunnCo.

  12. FREIGHT - All shipments are FOB Cumming, GA or stated shipping point and freight is not included unless otherwise stated in quotation. Air freight or dedicated carrier charges are not included unless specifically noted in quotation. Freight bills are subject to payment within 10 days of billing.

  13. SHIPPING DAMAGE - All shipments are FOB our shipping point. Carrier is responsible for safe delivery of the equipment once placed on carrier's vehicle and claims for loss or damage should therefore be made to carrier.

  14. DAMAGE CLAIMS - Shipment should be inspected upon delivery by carrier. Any visible damage or loss must be adequately described on carrier’s freight bill or receiving papers and signed by carrier's agent. If concealed damage or loss is determined to have occurred after the shipment is delivered and believed to be due to improper handling, the packing materials should be saved and the carrier notified immediately to request an inspection by the carrier's agent. Claims for shipping damage should be with carrier.

  15. RETURNS - All returns must be authorized by GunnCo prior to shipment. Returned goods are subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge. Returned goods must be in like new, operational, and re-sellable condition. Custom and special orders are subject to amounts up to 100% of sell price depending upon stage of production and associated cancellation costs. Manufacturer items and buy-out items are subject to return conditions of manufacturer. Used items or cosmetically damaged items are subject to value as determined by GunnCo by inspection. All freight charges are the responsibility of the owner.

  16. DISPUTES - Should a dispute arise due to equipment suitability, performance, compliance, or service, GunnCo reserves right to provide remedy in reasonable time. If the problem is determined to be the result of others, GunnCo shall not be responsible for expenses related to remedy and shall be compensated for any expenses related to the dispute.

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Sidesloper® pumps are designed for use in side slope riser applications or may be provided without wheels for use in vertical sump applications where cooling or lower inlet screens are required.

Sidesloper® pumps utilize the highest quality materials and components available for long and reliable service life.