1.01 PUMP

  1. The pump shall be a GunnCo Sidesloper TM P2KV ________.

  1. Impeller shall be constructed of stainless steel including housing, impellers,

bowls, check valve disc, shaft, coupling, and strainer.

  1. Bearings and seal rings shall be constructed of stainless steel and Teflon material.

  1. Pump shall provide a flow of _____ GPM at a discharge pressure of ______ feet of head.

The pump shall be a model P2KV _______

1.02 MOTOR

  1. The motor shall be a ______ HP non-overloading for the duty specified and shall be suitable for operation on [single phase 230] [three phase 230] [three phase 460] volt power.

  1. Motor shall be permanently lubricated and constructed of stainless steel wetted parts with stainless steel clad or corrosion resistant end housings.

  1. Power cable shall be heavy duty submersible type, continuous length, and sized per U.S. NEC standards. A strain relief/riser exit fitting shall be provided. Cable length shall be ______ feet. (Typical wet well depth plus 15 ft. minimum)


  1. Pump and motor shall be mounted in a cooling shroud constructed of stainless steel. A removable inlet strainer basket reinforced to carry the weight of the pump assembly shall be provided.

  1. The cooling shroud shall be equipped with a welded stainless steel ring for connection of a Lifting cable. Cable and fitting shall be [3/16] [1/4] minimum diameter.

  1. The safety/pull cable shall be stainless steel and a minimum of ____ feet long. The cable shall be provided with stainless steel u-bolt type clamps. A stainless steel removable link and a stainless steel upper snap hook and anchor eye bolt. All fittings shall be rated at least three times the pump assembly weight.

D. A discharge quick release fitting at the bracket shall be provided.

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Sidesloper® pumps are designed for use in side slope riser applications or may be provided without wheels for use in vertical sump applications where cooling or lower inlet screens are required.

Sidesloper® pumps utilize the highest quality materials and components available for long and reliable service life.