3.01 PUMP

  1. The pump shall be a GunnCo SidesloperTM P3KH_____ pump by GunnCo (770-889-7114) per both the project performance and design specifications.

  1. Pump shall be constructed of chrome iron impeller and wear plate with hardened Ductile iron volute and inlet agitator. Outer casing and motor housing shall be 304 stainless steel.

  1. Impeller shall be semi-open and capable of passing 1/4" solids, sand, and debris typical of leachate streams. Agitator shall help feed sand, silt, and light slurries into the pump impeller inlet.

  1. Pump shall provide a flow of ____ GPM at a discharge pressure of ____’ TDH and ____ GPM @ ____’ TDH.

  1. The motor shall be a ___ Horse Power and shall operate on three-phase [230] [480] volt power.

  1. Motor shall have a fixed stator operating on permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings with dual mechanical with SiC vs.Sic lower and Carbon/Carbon upper mechanical seals. Motor shall be air filled type with Class F insulation.

  1. Power cable shall be heavy-duty submersible type, continuous length, and sized per U.S. NEC standards. Power cable shall be a minimum of ___' long.

  1. A stainless steel lifting cable shall be provided with each pump. Cable shall be ¼” stainless steel, 7x19 strand construction, rated a minimum breaking strength of 6,400 pounds and shall be equipped with necessary clips with a removable link connector at the pump and a snap hook at the upper end with a properly sized eye bolt to serve as an anchor for the snap hook. Safety cable length shall be ___’.

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Sidesloper® pumps are designed for use in side slope riser applications or may be provided without wheels for use in vertical sump applications where cooling or lower inlet screens are required.

Sidesloper® pumps utilize the highest quality materials and components available for long and reliable service life.