The P3K series pumps are integrated design in which the motor, pump, and power cable are a singular assembly and are one impeller (stage) design. These pumps produce lower heads and high flows and are generally provided for three phase power. These pumps have a wide performance range and may be operated between "0" head conditions and near shut off or "dead head" point. A minimum flow of approximately 10 GPM should be maintained for proper motor cooling.

The P3K pumps are particularly well suited for streams with heavy silt, sand, or scaling issues. The pumps are compatible with most leachate streams and offer some special options. The oil in the mechanical seal housing may be changed annually if desired and estimated bearing life is 10,000 hours of operation.

The P3KH are slurry handling pumps and feature an auger to help feed silt and sand into the impeller. They can be used for leachate or removal and cleaning where risers have a build-up of solids and cannot be cleared using a vacuum truck.

The P3K and P3KH are available for use in 18" but 24" risers are recommended.

The "typical specifications" provided are for a standard SidesloperTMsystem and offer the best price and delivery. To complete the specifications, include the pump horsepower, flow and head ratings, phase and voltage, maximum riser length, and enclosure type (steel or stainless steel). A 2" discharge hose as specified is suitable for most applications. If required 1.5" and 3.0" discharge systems are available.

Custom system specifications, including larger pumps, primary/secondary service packages, and custom control designs are available upon request. Pumps can also be adapted to guide rail packages or vertical disconnect fittings for vertical well applications.                                                        

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Sidesloper® pumps are designed for use in side slope riser applications or may be provided without wheels for use in vertical sump applications where cooling or lower inlet screens are required.

Sidesloper® pumps utilize the highest quality materials and components available for long and reliable service life.